Tiger 3 Movie Review (Quicker): Salman Khan Will Celebrate Diwali By Giving His Fans Eid!

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Tiger 3 Movie Review (Quicker) Out! (Photo Credit –YRF/Facebook)

Tiger 3 Movie Review (Quicker): Manish Sharma’s Movie Emphasizes the Sentiment ‘Now It’s Intensely Personal

The rapid review of Tiger 3 centers around the emotional theme of ‘This time it’s personal,’ portrayed by Salman Khan in the lead role. Each character, no matter their actions, shares some kind of strong emotional connection.

Keeping up with the tradition of watching such event films as soon as they are released, I decided to travel 50 km to catch the 6 AM show. Upon reaching the theatre, the film had already begun. While heading to the theatre, I increased the volume of the song with Prabhu’s name in my headphones, only to later realise Arijit Singh and Vishal Dadlani were performing.

Not just the scenes of fans enthusiastically attending the 6 AM concert, but also the visuals of Tiger donning his trademark scarf prove that this is the cinema we won’t get to see after Khan. This is the cinema we love, and this is the cinema Salman wants us to remember.

The crowd at the 6 AM concert and visuals of fans wearing Tiger’s signature scarf provide evidence that this might be the last film we see before Khan. This is the film we adore, and Salman wants to be associated with it.

As I write this, a fan nearby echoed, “As long as Tiger’s fans are alive, Tiger won’t lose.” It proves that even after some mediocre films, Salman’s craze remains intact.

In the first part, Tiger and Zoya are brought back against Imran Hashmi’s Atish Rahman, who aims to erase India from the map. Due to a twist in the storyline between Zoya and Tiger, which I won’t reveal, things are not the same, adding an emotional risk. It takes a break on an intense interval block, setting the stage for the desired foundation of the second part.

Salman Khan’s close-up shots are visually striking, with VFX seamlessly integrated, showcasing a green screen in the background. Action sequences, accompanied by Tanuj Tikku’s background score, enhance the excitement, fulfilling the promise of being an action-packed film. I hope the second part won’t be overly dramatic.

Stay tuned for the full Tiger 3 movie review, where there is much to tell about Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and the intricate twists of the spy universe.


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