Preeti Shukla, Ravi Kishan’s wife, FIR files against Aparna Thakur: Report

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Popular Indian actor Ravi Kishan has been active in Hindi, Bhojpuri, and South Indian films over the past few years. He was last seen as Bhola in Mission Raniganj and has been making headlines lately as Aparna Thakur, a woman from Lucknow, claims to be his wife and mother of his eldest daughter. Thakur also alleges that the actor is not acknowledging their relationship publicly due to his second marriage.

Preeti Shukla, Ravi Kishan’s wife, FIR files against Aparna Thakur

Now, Ravi Kishan’s wife, Preeti Shukla, has filed an FIR  against Aparna with the Hazratganj police station. According to reports from Hindustan Times, the FIR was lodged on Tuesday (April 17).

In her complaint, Preeti alleges that Aparna threatened her and demanded money, specifically citing a demand for 20 crore rupees. She also mentioned that the woman from Lucknow has connections to the underworld and threatened to harm their entire family if Kishan didn’t comply with her demands, including falsely implicating him in a rape case. When her demands weren’t met, she held a press conference in Lucknow and leveled false accusations against the actor.

It’s also revealed that Thakur has been married for 35 years to Rajesh Soni, with whom she has a 27-year-old daughter and a 25-year-old son.

Aparna Thakur has claimed to prove that she is Ravi Kishan’s wife. She organised a press conference and claimed to be the wife of the actor-turned-politician. She also stated that their marriage took place almost 28 years ago, and they have a daughter named Shenova.

Shenova’s video is currently going viral on social media, where she claims that, given some time, she can prove her mother’s claims to be true.

According to Wikipedia, Ravi Kishan’s wife’s name is Preeti Shukla, and they got married in December 1993. They have a son and three daughters. Their daughter, Reeva Kishan, debuted in a film alongside Akshay Kumar in 2020. Their second daughter, Ishita Shukla, serves in the Indian Defence Forces.

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