All India Rank OTT Release: When and where can you watch Roon Grover’s comedy drama

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Varun Grover, who directed the film with the main theme of Bodhisattva, Shama, and Equality, has guided the All India Rank. This film premiered on February 5, 2023, at the 52nd International Film Festival Rotterdam and was released in theaters on February 23, 2024.

After creating a buzz at the international level and winning the hearts of fans in cinemas, the makers have officially announced the film’s streaming on OTT platforms.

All India Rank OTT Release

All India Rank, which premiered in theaters, is now available for digital streaming. Directed by Varun Grover, the film made its OTT debut on Netflix on April 19, 2024. Streaming giant Netflix announced the digital release of All India Rank on social media.

More Information about All India Rank

This first film directed by Varun Grover is a heartfelt portrayal of a young man flying high on the wings of his father’s dreams, and who is seen breaking the toughest barriers for his beloved son, Vivek (Sharma). In a world of exams, JEE.

All India Rank is a film filled with old memories that revolves around 1997 India, influenced by waves of liberalization, where the license-raj India was gradually fading away. Grover returns to India, where it took years for telephone and gas connections, and where the journey of an average Indian was from ‘gaon’ to ‘kasbah’.

The film is an examination of the mind of a middle-class boy, a gentle, close-up, and unraveling examination, pushed beyond his limits by a father who sees his only child as a potential ticket to social respect and financial stability for the family, something he never had.

All India Rank takes a nation into the throes of great change. A land where people preferred to study in local schools and colleges and looked for jobs in their hometowns or nearby places, was beginning to pave the way for a globalized country.

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